MOSES, He Did What God Commanded – Intro to Lesson 7 – Oct. 28 – Nov. 4

How many decisions do you make in a day? Some internet sources estimate that an adult makes about “35,000 remotely conscious ones” every day. Of course, most of those decisions are made by our fast and intuitive mind, so that they barely register as a choice. From our earliest morning moments to the final minutes before we drift off to sleep we have the privilege and power to make decisions. The great majority of them seem to have very little impact on our destiny or our future, but there are some that have long-lasting consequences. Why is it that some people seem to make such wise choices while others seem to never learn from their experience and mistakes? What advice would you give to help others learn to do a better job of weighing the facts and options so that they can make timely and wise decisions?

When it comes to finding a Biblical hero that can give us very practical advice on how to make good choices, you might want to look to Moses. Isn’t it interesting that when the temptation came for him to stay and enjoy a life of privilege and prestige, he chose to return to his own suffering people? Why? When God appeared to him and gave him a very intense and dangerous job to do, he listened and obeyed. Why? After he led the Israelites through the Red Sea, the first thing he did was to lead the people in a song of praise and adoration because of what the LORD had done for them. Why? While Moses did pay the consequences of some poor choices, we remember him most for the ways in which he deliberately chose to believe God’s promises. Some day the Israelites would live in a “land flowing with milk and honey”. In the meantime, Moses stepped out BY FAITH to do the things that God wanted to accomplish through him. It wasn’t easy, was it? But, he kept right on going because he kept his eyes on “the one who is invisible.” It was all BY FAITH.

Where do you keep your eyes when it is time to make those big decisions? Where is your focus when you face a challenge or are given a new opportunity to trust in Yahweh – the great I AM?

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