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A Springtime Opportunity for You

When you hear the words “Bible Study”, what thoughts come in to your mind? For many people, they immediately think about a class, a teacher, a lecture and perhaps some homework. For others, the idea of a booklet with questions, a discussion, and a commitment to meet together each week would be the immediate response. For some, the concept may be foreign and even uncomfortable, assuming that only the clergy and theologians are really capable of understanding the Bible. Intrinsically the idea simply implies someone who wants to learn what God’s Word says and means.

“WE STUDY TOGETHER” is a website designed to help you study the Bible on your own! While sermons and books and discussions are all wonderful ways to learn about the living God and what He wants to communicate through the written Word, they are no substitute for what the Spirit of God will teach you personally as you simply meditate on a passage of Scripture on your own or spend time comparing various Scriptures that are focused on the same subject. The weekly study guides point you to some verses in the Bible and then suggest various questions which will help you to ponder and to think about those verses and finally, to draw you to consider what their impact might be on your own life. Because there are no right or wrong answers and no exams, both your mind and your heart can be open to the gentle voice of God’s Holy Spirit as He speaks to you through the Word of God.

Our spring study for 2016 is called “What’s On Your Mind?”.   What does it mean to “have the mind of Christ?” What would it look like in your life to move from your old ways of thinking to Jesus’ way of looking at life?  An introduction to each lesson will be posted on Fridays, beginning April 15, and a more personal insight on Tuesdays. These can be read on the webpage or emailed to you directly if you subscribe. There are also several other series that are available in “Past Studies” for your viewing or printing. They are great for small groups or a shared study with a friend or two.

When you check out the new and revised website, would you be willing to share this information with a friend through one of the social media venues or send it on by e-mail? We would appreciate it so much.

We are praying that your faith in Jesus will grow deep and strong and that His joy and peace will overflow each day as you choose to meditate on His Word!

Summer Study – Beginning June 15

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Coming Soon – Our Spring Study

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Deuteronomy – What's Your Response?

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Deuteronomy – Then and Now

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New Study – Starting September 16

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Fall Theme and Schedule

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