Getting Started

It’s a great adventure – an interactive Bible study that you can do right in your own home or office and on your own schedule!   If you can commit to one hour a week – either in one block of time or in smaller increments, then you will be able to enjoy doing each part of the lesson.  You’ll find the introduction to this series and the link to the study guides on the current study page.  They are ready to use online or you can print them out and have them handy wherever you may be.  (See final paragraph for more instructions.)

Each Thursday, beginning April 18, we will post an introduction to the lesson for that week.  You will find it listed right there on the Home Page of our website or you can subscribe and receive the new weekly posts automatically by e-mail (see bottom of right-hand column).  You are welcome to join in on the study at any time and to go at your own pace if you need to do so.

As you begin each lesson,  put your “to do” lists aside and find a quiet place for your appointment with the Lord Jesus.  You will find that it is enormously helpful to calm your spirit and get in touch with The One who is waiting to express His love and His purposes to you through His written Word.  It is very helpful to write down some of your thoughts and desires as you bow down in HIs presence.  There are some study time suggestions on the same page as the schedule of the lessons.  Concentrate on the questions that are of the most interest to you.

You will need a Bible, some paper, and a pen.  Using the study guide right on the computer will work for some people, but most of you will want to print out the entire set of  6  lessons*, along with the Table of Contents, put them in a folder, and have them readily available to use wherever you are.  Each lesson is a single 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.  Some people like to write directly on that sheet, while others want more space and find that having additional paper helps them to respond with ease.

As you have insights, questions, comments, or concerns, please take a few minutes to post them on the website.  This will give others an opportunity to benefit from your thoughts, respond to your inquiries and together we will hear God’s voice speaking to us with more clarity and power.  Staying in touch with those who are doing this study will not only be an encouragement to you, but it will be an inspiration to others.  (By the way, your replies and comments are not sent out to the e-mail subscribers.)

May you find that your love for God and your desire to follow only Him deepens as you take time to study THE WORD of GOD.  He will always keep His promises to those who obey Him wholeheartedly!  He always has and he always will.

*At the top of the Home page of, you can also find many other studies to view or to print under “Past Studies”.