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LOOKING AHEAD – “May the God of HOPE . . . “

What is it about HOPE that makes it so essential to our lives?  Would you like to discover how to experience the kind of hope that gives you real peace and confidence in your present circumstances and for your future?  Week by week this winter, we’ll explore the New Testament epistles to discover what it means to find hope in the presence and promises of Jesus who longs to give us real hope for today and for eternity.  

You will be able to view or print out the introductory information and the 9 study guides after December 10. Introductions to each lesson will be published beginning, Friday, January 14, 2022.


Did you realize there are 2 books which each include about 50 of my weekly study introductions? You can buy them through Amazon (just search under my name) or directly from me! Order a few today so you are prepared to give a thoughtful and even inspiring gift to your friends. Thanks, MARILYN MILLER Watch…Continue Reading

FROM THANKS to GIVING – Intro Lesson 10

What do you think moves some people to be generous – to give willingly, even eagerly, of not only their financial resources but their time, their abilities or even their presence?  Did they learn the benefits of generosity from their parents?  Have they discovered the huge personal benefits and joy of unselfishness?  Someone has said…Continue Reading

SIMPLY SAID – Intro Lesson 9

It’s vital to pray. It’s what God intends for us to do.  It pleases Him and He listens.  Bringing our requests to Him with thanksgiving is the path to peace.  Bowing down before The Almighty One with both our praise and our petitions is our privilege and our connection to Jehovah.  Would you agree, however,…Continue Reading

“FIXED HOUR PRAYER” – Intro Lesson 8

How familiar are you with the ancient practice of “fixed-hour prayer” or as other traditions call it “daily offices” or “divine hours”?  With its roots coming directly out of Judaism, it is one of the oldest surviving habits within Christian spirituality. Across the Roman empire a forum bell rang every 3 hours each day, beginning…Continue Reading

WHAT WAS HE THINKING? – Intro Lesson 7

“What was I thinking?”  It’s a question which comes to mind when we are faced with results of a poor decision.  “What were you thinking?”  It’s a question we can often ask when someone you love is paying the price for making a hasty choice.      Perhaps more accurately the question should be, “Were you even…Continue Reading

A TIME TO LAMENT – Intro Lesson 5

It has been said, “To cry is human, but to lament is Christian”.  What do you think Mark Vroegop meant when he used this phrase in his book, “Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy”?  Did you know that almost one-third of the Psalms are “songs of lament”?  In fact, there is a whole book in the Old…Continue Reading

WHEN YOU ARE AFRAID – Intro Lesson 4

Do you agree with this idea?  “It’s not that we shouldn’t ever feel fear . . . We’re just not supposed to obey it”.  Fear is, without a doubt, a God-given emotion for our protection and safety.  It can be a vital and even a life-saving response to both physical and emotional danger or pain. …Continue Reading

MUSIC and PRAYER – Intro Lesson 3

Have there been times in your spiritual life when a song touched your spirit and emotions in a profound or significant way?  Perhaps it was a rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus”, sung harmoniously and beautifully, on an Easter morning.  It could have happened as you listened to a child simply but sincerely singing, “Jesus Loves…Continue Reading