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GOD’S PROMISE of STRENGTH – Intro Lesson 5 – Oct. 18 – 25

Why is it that many adults are so reluctant to ask for help?  It is very likely that you would agree that it is difficult for you to admit a need for help in certain circumstances.  It could be the fear of being rejected or thought of as weak or incapable or needy.  It might be the fear of losing control or the illusion of total independence and freedom.  At other times, it might be caused by an unwillingness to be vulnerable, to assume that reciprocation is expected, or the belief that you have not earned or do not deserve assistance.  At other times, while someone might be willing to ask for help, he or she does not know where to go or who to ask for the kind of help that is needed.  Making the phone call, seeking advice from a neighbor, telling a friend of your situation or concern is just too overwhelming and so the struggle or challenge seems easier or better than putting out your sign which says, “Help Wanted.”

Apparently, Isaiah understood very clearly that while the Assyrian empire was no longer a major threat, the reality of the coming destruction and captivity from the Babylonians would be crushing and so the Israelites would need to understand and to believe in the incomparable power and person of God.  They would need to know to whom they should go when their need for help was immense.  Throughout the centuries the verses in Isaiah 40 have provided a foundation for understanding and trusting in God especially when life seemed to be unbearably difficult.  As Isaiah writes in this opening chapter of the second half of his book, he tenderly reminds the Israelites of God’s merciful comfort and care, of the enduring nature of His Word, of His power and His strength, and finally of His amazing promise to “renew the strength of all those who put their hope in Him”.

As you look at your circumstances, challenges and the unknown future in your own life, how likely is it that you will be willing to ask for help when it is obvious that you need it?  How often will you let God renew your strength in times when you are experiencing weakness or weariness or hopelessness?  It’s the best way to live every day!

GOD’S PROMISE of PEACE – Intro Lesson 3 – Oct. 4 – 11

In what settings do you find that worship comes most spontaneously and meaningfully to your heart and your mind?  Do you think that worship and praise are synonymous?  How would you differentiate between them?  The dictionary describes worship as “giving worth to something” while praise is “an expression of warm approval or admiration, strong commendation.”…Continue Reading


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When is the last time that you had a very strong conviction about an idea or an activity but it felt like no one else wanted to listen to you or to believe you?  Your opinion might have been based on your own valid experience, simply intuition, or perhaps it was something that you had…Continue Reading


Did you know that the book called Isaiah is the most complete revelation of Christ found in the Old Testament? You are invited to join us as we take an 11-week overview of this prophetic book, highlighting the promises given by Jehovah to His chosen people and to us. You will be surprised to discover…Continue Reading


Our new fall study will be “God’s Promises – Then and Now”. You’re invited to join us as we discover the promises that God gave to the Israelites and to us through His prophet, Isaiah. They are amazing! Study guides will be available mid- August at Study will begin September 20.Continue Reading


Have you ever had a time in your life when you seriously questioned the goodness and mercy of the Lord?  Perhaps it was an illness, some disappointment, financial loss, confusion, relational issues, or a sense of depression or discouragement that caused your hope in God to decrease.  It is in these times of crisis and…Continue Reading