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Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Looking for a special gift for your mom or for some special friends for Mother’s Day?

A new and delightful book called, Think On These Things”, written by Marilyn Miller, has just been published and is available for purchase on or at the Mount Hermon Book Store.

It has more than 60 short meditations designed to help the reader take a few minutes to pause and refocus his/her mind and energy on things that matter deeply.

Why not order a few copies now so that you have them ready to give to others just at the right time?

Why not order one for yourself at the same time?  You’ll be glad that you did.

An Easter Blessing –

May the realities of the death of Jesus on the cross keep you aware of who you were –                                                            Alone, Lost, Hopeless, and Condemned May the…Continue Reading

In The Moment – Insight for Lesson 7

In the moment you and I choose the wrong option more often than we would like to admit, don’t we?  We say the unkind words, think the selfish ideas, act on our old desires, choose to yield to temptation, and forget that we really do have the option of “living in the Spirit.”  Because I…Continue Reading