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WHAT IS ON YOUR SCHEDULE? – Lesson 1 – January 12 – 19

How do you decide what to do each day?  For many, because of work or school or other commitments, there are only a few precious hours during the day when you have the luxury of deciding how you will spend that time.  For others there is a greater opportunity to make choices for many hours every day. Rich Warren in his book, The Purpose-Driven Life, reminds us, “Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.” 

When Jesus started his 3-year public ministry, it is clear He knew from the beginning that every day was an important day to accomplish his mission.  In the Gospel written by Mark, we quickly discover the urgency and dedication Jesus had to make sure He lived out His purpose and His passion.  One of the fascinating observations you might want to make is the number of times Mark uses the phrases such as “at once”, “without delay, and “immediately”.  Yet Jesus never seemed to be in a hurry.  He always had time for individuals in need, for responding to His critics, and for preaching and teaching the people.  He also had energy to get up early so that He could be by Himself to pray.  As you read the first two chapters in Mark this week, why don’t you take note of the things that were most important to Jesus.  What were the guidelines Jesus used to help Him decide how to spend His time?  What did He want to accomplish day by day so that the people would begin to understand He was indeed the Son of God and the Son of Man?

In a world of distractions, interruptions, delays, and unlimited choices, what keeps you on track?  How do your goals and your deepest desires impact the way you spend your hours and minutes each day?

WHAT’S THE BIG PICTURE? – Intro to Winter Study

Have you ever taken a helicopter ride over your home area?  It would certainly change your perspective on the setting and details of your neighborhood, wouldn’t it?   You would be able to see the amount of open space, the variety of roofs and garden areas, as well as the size of your own property compared…Continue Reading


How much time do you spend listening audibly to the voices of other people each day?  If you add up the minutes you listen to other people on the radio, TV, podcasts and any other media, along with your personal conversations, it just might surprise you.  Not all of our “listening”, however, comes through our…Continue Reading


How many questions do you think you ask in a day? Young children ask questions, lots of questions, don’t they? Some experts agree most 4 year old probably ask close to 450 questions a day. By the time they become teenagers, however, parents and teachers sometimes wish there would be more questions. Is is also…Continue Reading

THE COURAGE TO MAKE A DECISION – Introduction Lesson 9 – Nov. 11 – 18

Confidence, “a feeling of assurance or certainty, especially concerning oneself”, is a very important personal characteristic.   We all need to have that kind of internal strength in order to make good decisions, to trust our instincts, to set boundaries, and to be independent individuals.  It is possible, however, to have an excessive amount of confidence…Continue Reading

THE COURAGE TO FINISH WELL – Intro Lesson 7 – Oct. 28 – Nov. 4

What are the dynamics that make some people so agreeable, positive, and respected as they age while others become more difficult, cantankerous and disagreeable in their later years?   There are undoubtedly many contributing factors and some of them are beyond anyone’s control.  Physical health certainly makes a huge difference for those who are blessed with…Continue Reading