When You Feel Like Grumbling – An Insight for Lesson 7

Is it harder to believe that the Lord can be your strength and your song when you are facing a “Red Sea”, a monumental challenge or crisis, or in the dailyness of living when you feel like you are in the desert, a place of loneliness or uncertainty? I often ask God for His strength, His courage, and His wisdom when I know that the problem or decision is bigger than what I can handle as well as when I am simply tired, bored, or insecure, don’t you? But trusting God to give me a song in the process adds a whole new dimension to my prayer request. “Lord, as I look to You by faith, may my depth of joy, as well as strength, bring you glory. Would you give me a song when I feel like complaining or grumbling?” I have a feeling that this will also mean that the people who are in my life will also be grateful as they observe the ways that You are working in my life.

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