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SPECTATOR or PARTICIPANT – Intro Lesson 6 – May 24 – 31

If you had your choice, would you rather have tickets for a professional football, basketball, baseball or hockey game?  Perhaps you would rather watch golf, tennis or a marathon? You will, no doubt, thoroughly enjoy watching the competition and admire those playing the game, but unless you are actually participating in the event itself, it is not likely the thrill can compare with the experience of the athletes themselves.  Those people who deliberately made choices which enabled them to improve their skills, keep their focus, and reach some of the goals they clearly had in mind, are the ones who have the privilege of feeling a real sense of accomplishment and success.

There is a big difference between those who participate in an event and those who observe, isn’t there?  Between those who get actively involved and those who are content to stand on the sidelines where it seems to be safe and secure.  Between those who decisively dedicate themselves to practice, to learn from their mistakes, and to improve their competency and those who “take it easy”.   Peter, in his letter to the believers who are experiencing so many trials and persecution, explains clearly to them that it is very important for each one of them to be dedicated and decisive in thinking and perspective so they could live out before the world the holiness of Jesus.  That’s a rather amazing challenge, isn’t it?  Is it possible?

If you thrive on thrills, action, and impossibilities, then Peter has the experience of a lifetime waiting for you to explore.  If you are more attracted to a slow and steady pace, then Peter has some recommendations that will be suited to your taste as well.  If you know your coordination is limited or you feel somewhat handicapped, Peter understands that, too.  So there is really no excuse!  Don’t put it off until tomorrow.  There is nothing that exceeds the joys God has promised to those who participate eagerly and actively in the almost unbelievable challenge to “be holy because He is holy”.   Wow!  “Let the game begin.”

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? – Intro Lesson 3 – May 2 – 9

What would you say are the best ways to motivate people to change, to do their best, or to accomplish specific goals?  At work, a sense of accomplishment, feeling appreciated, and a salary, all impact an employee’s motivation level.  At home, a sense of shared goals, a cooperative spirit, and defined responsibilities can inspire family…Continue Reading


This is your special invitation to join us as we explore what the Bible teaches about having “the mind of Christ” through studying  several different passages in the New Testament.  How can you and I experience what it means to change from our old ways of thinking to His way of thinking, to move from…Continue Reading


To view or print the study guides click here. How would you explain the difference between your brain and your mind?  There is certainly a strong connection between them, isn’t there?  The brain is the most amazing and complex organ in the human body.  It can be described and analyzed, but it is far from…Continue Reading


Have you ever wondered what it might mean to “have the mind of Christ?” It’s a curious and overwhelming idea, isn’t it? Our new Spring study will focus on finding out the answer to this question. It would be a great study for you to do on your own or with a few friends. Why…Continue Reading