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It’s a breath-taking experience to view the Taj Mahal, to see the Mona Lisa, or to read one of the great pieces of literature or poetry that has been treasured for decades, isn’t it?  A masterpiece is defined as a “work of outstanding artistry, skill or workmanship.”  Whether the venue is music, literature, art, architecture or even cooking, the creator was enabled to express through balance, harmony and perfected techniques the artistry and abilities that were uniquely given to him or her.  The response to this kind of consummate skill or excellence is often emotional and unforgettable.

Perhaps that is why many people believe that the letter that Paul wrote to the believers in Ephesus is his “masterpiece”.  In his book, Frameworks, Eric Larson explains that this letter is “a masterpiece of Christian thought, executed in a manner well- calculated to astonish all who read it.  In no other Biblical letter can we both sound the depths of God’s infinite mysteries (chapters 1 – 3) and benefit from Paul’s practical, down to earth advice (chapters 4 – 6) at the same time.”

There is only one way to fully appreciate the excellence and the heart of Paul’s message to those early believers as well as to you and to me.  It is to read the whole letter at one time.  It will probably take you less than 20 minutes.  So why not sit down and read it!  Read the whole letter.  Then read it again tomorrow.  Let the passion, excellence, and the Spirit of God begin to saturate your mind and heart with the truths that are written there for you.  It just might be unforgettable!


These days many people want their physical food precooked, prepared, processed, and packaged. Quick, easy and convenient is a priority. Nutritious and delicious is a bonus. Has it ever occurred to you that we have similar preferences when it comes to our spiritual diet? We are busy people so it is easiest to turn to…Continue Reading

“Because of HIS Great Love”

A Bible Study focused on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians” To View or Print Study Guides – Do you have a box of treasured letters in the attic or in a special drawer somewhere in your house? Perhaps you have saved them because they are part of your family history or your own romantic story…Continue Reading

Announcing . . .

The arrival of our newest Bible study –            “Because of HIS Great Love” An opportunity to focus on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Lessons will be available the first week of June and the introductions to each lesson will be published week by week this summer, beginning Friday, June 18.Continue Reading

Through Experiencing Loss and Suffering – Introduction Lesson 5 – May 14 – 21

GRIEF – it’s a complicated human experience, isn’t it?  There is no immunity shot to prevent it or lessen its impact on the body, mind and spirit.  How would you define it?  The dictionary says it is, “intense mental anguish, deep remorse, acute sorrow”.  To grieve is “to be sorrowful to lament, mourn”.  Whether the…Continue Reading

Through Understanding God’s Compassion – Intro Lesson 4 – May 7 – 14

What would you say is the difference between sympathy, empathy and compassion?  Perhaps it will help to clarify the differences between them if you think of individuals who exemplify each of them.  While these words are closely related, they are not synonymous with one another. Sympathy means you can understand what the person is feeling. Empathy means that you feel what…Continue Reading