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A Bible Study focused on the Book of Philippians

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Progress!  It’s a positive idea, isn’t it?  Setting a goal and then moving toward the realization of that dream or desire brings us satisfaction.  Sometimes progress is slow and we need many intermediate, short-term markers to help us know that we are making headway.  At other times, we need a friend who will come along side of us and encourage us to keep on going.  Often we simply need to settle down and evaluate what has changed and the risks that have been taken in order to know that what we want to accomplish will become a reality.

When Paul wrote to his dear friends in Philippi, he wanted to encourage them.  He knew that if they were to grow and mature in their new faith, they would need to be reminded of all that Jesus Christ had done for them.  He realized that if their new faith was to become deep and strong, they would need to “put into practice” the things that he had taught them.  He encouraged them to set some specific goals and to understand that by God’s resurrection power, He would enable them to move forward.   Perhaps the most important idea that he wanted them to grasp was that as they progressed in their walk of faith, their joy and contentment would be amazing.

Are you interested in learning how to “run the race” really well?  Would you like to move ahead or progress in new ways that will bring joy to you and glory to God?  Then you are invited to join us as we study this letter and discover how our relationship with Jesus can be strengthened and His joy be experienced more fully each and every day.  You will be so glad that you immersed yourself in His Word and His promises to you!


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WHAT DOES “HOPE” LOOK LIKE? – Introduction Lesson 2 – January 21 – 28

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“May the God of HOPE . . .”

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When You Pray . . .

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“Because of HIS Great Love”

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What do the New Testament Epistles Teach about Prayer?

Before you actually decide to do this particular Bible study you might want to think about it carefully! It has the potential to be very encouraging and comforting, but it could also be quite convicting and challenging. In either case, if it is taken seriously, then it will be life changing. You just might find that God will touch your heart and teach you more than you even imagined about how much He desires to have you, His beloved child, choose to spend time in His presence.
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