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Exploring what it means to “fear God” or be a “God-fearing person” –

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When is the last time you felt the emotion called “awe”?  Was it a place, a person, an experience or something else that caused you to have an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or wonder as well as even a bit of fear or dread? Sometimes awe can even come with physical sensations, such as chills or goosebumps, along with deep inner pleasure.  When you and I are awestruck, we realize or perceive something which is far larger or greater or more extravagant than we normally experience, see or can grasp.  It is said to be one of our very most important emotions because it gives us a sense of our own importance and helps us experience things far larger than ourselves and our everyday comfort zones.

Perhaps there is no life experience that can cause us to experience awe – wonder, admiration, reverence, pleasure, surprise – as great or intense as when we take time to bow before God.  Solomon tells us that submitting ourselves in adoration and worship of Him is where all wisdom begins.  As Jerry Bridges reminds us in his book, The Joy of Fearing God, “Fear of God is the animating and invigorating principle of a godly life.  It is the well spring of all godly desires and aspirations.”  Did you know that there are more promises given to those who “fear God” than any other qualification?

Why not take time each day this week to choose 1 attribute to of God to think about and to ponder?  Then add an adjective to it – unbelievably good, supremely faithful.  Post these 2 words on your daily calendar, on your refrigerator, on your mirror and most of all in your mind and heart.  It’ll be a great way to get ready to participate our fall study.

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