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Discovering how to “live out your faith” from the book of JAMES

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What would you say is the difference between giving someone a suggestion, some advice and an admonition?  To suggest, the dictionary says, is to express an idea for consideration or action.   To advise means to counsel or to offer an opinion.  To admonish is to reprove mildly or kindly, but seriously.  It is often an act of warning or caution so that a fault may be rectified or danger may be avoided.  There is good communication between people when the receiver perceives the intent accurately and makes a wise decision to respond appropriately and intentionally.

When James, the leader of the church in Jerusalem, wrote to believers or churches who were scattered in many different locations, he was clearly doing more than giving them some suggestions or advice about how to live out their faith in Jesus.  He wanted them to remember many of the concepts Jesus had taught both the crowds and His disciples before His death and resurrection.  In love and heartfelt concern, he wanted them to understand what genuine faith would produce in their lives as they committed themselves to the power of God’s Spirit living within them.  He kindly, but clearly admonished them!

Don’t you wonder what James would write to you and to me?  Perhaps the practical ideas, which he wrote so many centuries ago, would be exactly what we still need to hear today.  You’re invited to join us as we examine this “Instruction Manual” for living out your faith.  As you discover both the rewards and the blessings that come with the guidelines, you will be both encouraged and motived to put these ideas into practice.  


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