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Focusing on “Let Us . . .” in the Epistles

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Would you agree that there is really no good reason to get lost these days or even to go in the wrong direction?  All you have to do is use the GPS (Global Positioning System) in your car, on your phone or on other electronic devices and you will arrive safely at your destination. It is amazing, isn’t it?  Of course, it helps if you have a friend with you to watch the map, but if not, there’s a friendly sort of voice on most devices that can be your companion along the way, reminding you where to go and warning you if you make a wrong turn or an error along the way.  She will even re-route you if you get sidetracked or take a detour. 

When Paul and John wrote their helpful letters to the new believers in so many varied locations, they provided information that is much like a “GPS”.  Through these epistles they not only reminded their friends of who Jesus really is and of what He came to do for them, but what would be the very best way to reach their desired destination.  The specific ideas which they gave to their readers would ensure that they made choices which would be best for them and would bring glory to God. Together, as they were enabled by the Holy Spirit they would grow in grace, mature in their faith, and someday hear the words, “Well done.  You were a good and faithful servant.”

You are invited to join us in this 4 week study as we explore the various “Let Us . . .” ideas that are in the New Testament.  You’ll be challenged to look at your own life and commitment to Jesus as you focus on these ideas.  You’ll be able to decide whether you are “Headed in the Right Direction” or if you have taken some detours or unnecessary delays along the way.  Let’s get started!


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