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What do the New Testament Epistles Teach Us about Prayer?

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Would you agree that marriage and good friendships thrive when there are great times of spontaneous, unplanned moments and minutes of conversation but that these relationships also need regular time for communication that is thoughtful and deliberate?  One kind of interaction without the other is incomplete and over time will not enhance a strong, stable and satisfying connection between people.

Have you ever thought about the need for both kinds of communication with God?  In our busy lives most of us are probably quite adept at the casual, on-the-go kind of praying and that is good.   In fact, it is very good – “pray without ceasing.”   The question that we just might need to ask ourselves is could I improve my relationship with the Lord if I made time to simply to pray – just to pray, by myself, intentionally focused on only the One who has invited me to come to Him with all my requests, my doubts, my questions, and my gratitude?  It’s what Jesus often did early in the morning . . . and when He faced His death and resurrection.

In this study, you will discover that prayer is the means that God Himself has given to us so that we can come to know Him and to experience the blessings that He longs to pour out on us and on others. “Prayer is not overcoming God reluctance; it is laying hold of His highest willingness.” (R. French – 1880)  You are invited to join us in this 9 week study about prayer from the New Testament Epistles beginning Friday, June 19.  The study guides are ready for you to print or to use on-line – see “current study”.    Introductions to each lesson will be posted every Friday or you can subscribe to receive them by e-mail – lower right hand side bar on the home page.  May you be enriched and blessed through your personal discoveries.


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