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How would you explain the difference between your brain and your mind?  There is certainly a strong connection between them, isn’t there?  The brain is the most amazing and complex organ in the human body.  It can be described and analyzed, but it is far from being understood.  The mind is the intangible place where human beings perceive and integrate the external world in which they live as well as their own internal world and emotions.  Here we dream, reason, imagine, hide our secrets and devise the plans and schemes which become our reality. 

The very sad news is that with our own finite minds, we are enormously limited in our knowledge and understanding. The very good news we find in Scripture is that God has a much greater plan for absolutely everyone who believes in Jesus!  It is, in fact, startling and life changing when you begin to grasp the truth of what God has given to those who become His children through faith in His Only Son. 

The Bible tells us that we will “have the mind of Christ” – I Corinthians 2: 16.  It is quite an amazing concept to grasp, isn’t it?  What does this mean?  How does this happen?  If this is true, why do I still struggle with the ideas that come into my mind and with confusion and doubt?  Why does my imagination go to places where I do not want it to go and my determination is often not adequate? 

This is your invitation to join us as we explore what the Bible teaches about having “the mind of Christ” through studying 6 different passages in the New Testament.   How can you and I experience what it means to change from our old ways of thinking to His way of thinking, to move from our self-centered attitude to His selfless one, and to actually see our own lives through His lens of eternity? 


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