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Discovering how Jesus described Himself in the Gospel of John

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Did you know that there are many ways to have a portrait made?  Most often we think of a painting or a photograph that captures a very close likeness of an individual.  Usually, a portrait features simply the face or head and shoulders but it also portrays aspects of the subject’s personality as well as the mood or disposition that has been chosen.  An equally viable portrait, however, is one that creates a graphic portrayal through words. This verbal picture can include not only a description of the external appearance of someone but can describe with clarity and insight the varied feelings, aspirations, experiences and character of the one who is being featured.  

While we have no totally accurate portrait of what Jesus looked like physically, His disciple, John, described Him in very helpful and picturesque ways verbally.  John often quoted Jesus own self-portraits when he used the words, “I Am . . .”  These self-descriptions were vitally important to the disciples, as well as to the crowds, as they gradually came to understand who Jesus really was and what He came to this earth to accomplish.   

You are invited to join us during these winter months as we study together these self-portraits of Jesus found in the Gospel written by John.  Your discoveries will enable you to come to know Jesus in a vibrant and life-impacting way.  As God’s Spirit illuminates your mind and stirs your heart, your love for Jesus and for other people, will deepen and grow.  What more could you want?  

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What do the New Testament Epistles Teach about Prayer?

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