Past Studies

We are now making available to you the studies which have been offered in the past. You are welcome to print them out or use them on-line at your convenience and to make them known to your friends and other Bible study groups.

Click the titles below to view or print the Study Guides.

Book(s)Title# of LessonsDate
NTEssentials for Your Journey of Faith14 lessonsFall 2023
NTCome, Follow Me6 lessonsSummer 2023
NTAffectionate Admonitions6 lessonsSpring 2023
MarkLooking at Jesus – Again13 lessonsWinter 2023
JoshuaBe Strong and Very Courageous9 lessonsFall 2022
PhilippiansFor Your Progress and Joy9 lessonsSummer 2022
OTHow Wise Are You?10 lessonsSpring 2022
NT“May the God of HOPE . . .”9 lessonsWinter 2021
OTWhen You Pray10 lessonsFall 2021
NTBecause of HIS Great Love6 lessonsSummer 2021
OT and NTFinding Joy and Delight in the Lord7 lessonsSpring 2021
NTPORTRAITS of JESUS13 lessonsWinter 2020
OT“I Love You, O Lord”10 lessonsFall 2020
NT PrayersI’m Praying for You9 lessonsSummer 2020
OT and NTFinding Delight in the Lord6 lessonsSpring 2020
NTFrom Bethlehem to Calvary13 lessonsWinter 2020
OTGod’s Promises – Then and Now11 lessonsFall 2019
OT and NTAre You Headed in the Right Direction?4 lessonsSpring 2019
NTDid You Hear What Jesus Said?13 LessonsWinter 2019
OT and NTWho, ME? . . . Yes, YOU!10 lessonsFall 2018
OT and NTPromises You Can Count On8 lessonsSummer 2018
NTEssentials For Your Journey of Faith14 lessonsWinter 2017
OTReal People — Real Faith10 lessonsFall 2017
NTThe Questions Jesus Asked14 lessonsWinter 2016
NTLiving By Faith10 lessonsFall 2016
NTBecause of HIS Great Love6 lessonsSummer 2016
NTWhat’s On Your Mind?6 lessonsSpring 2016
PsalmsPraise, Petitions and Promises10 lessonsWinter 2016
OT and NTGod’s Yellow Light11 lessonsFall 2015
OT and NTLife Changing Promises10 lessonsSummer 2015
JamesAffectionate Admonitions6 lessonsSpring 2015
NTWhat’s New12 lessonsWinter 2015
OT and NTAwestruck11 lessonsFall 2014
PhilippiansFor Your Progress and Joy10 lessonsSummer 2014
JohnFor God SO Loved…8 lessonsSpring 2014
OTBless His Holy Name11 lessonsFall 2013
JohnFix Your Eyes On Jesus14 lessonsWinter 2013
Psalm 18I Love You, O Lord10 lessonsSummer 2012
DeuteronomyWith All Your Heart11 lessonsFall 2011