Sharing an Insight – Lesson 6 – John 20

Shared experiences can be remembered in so many different ways.  One person might focus on the ambience and the setting where they were.  Another might talk about the topics of conversation that were most interesting to him/her.  Someone else might remember one or two specific incidents that occurred.  When John wrote about that first appearance to the disciples of Jesus, he remembered seeing the wounds in His hands and side and hearing Him tell them two things.  First, Jesus wanted to comfort them – to give them the gift of peace through His close presence and through His words.  Secondly, He reminded them that He had great plans for their future.  Isn’t that exactly what He always has in mind for us as we walk through dark and uncertain tunnels in life?  Remember, He says, that “I am with you and want you to have the gift of My peace, no matter what your circumstances might be.”  Remember, He says, “I know your future and the plans that I have for you.  You can trust Me – all along the way.”  Amen!   

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