Lesson 6 – Intro – April 25 – May 2 The Power of the Resurrection

How much proof do you need to believe a story?  If it is in the newspaper or the media, a certain amount of skepticism is probably a good idea.  If the information comes to you from an indirect source, you might want to check out some of the details.  If it is a testimony in court, then hopefully the facts are being told truthfully and clearly, but you may not get all of the pertinent information immediately.  If your trusted friend is relaying something from her own life and experience, you will probably be more prone to believe what you are being told.

The disciples heard that Jesus was alive from Mary.  Her story seemed too good to be true. In fact, Peter checked out the empty tomb and he still remained doubtful. John did the same thing, but he was immediately convinced that Jesus was alive.  Thomas, on the other hand, needed proof positive before he would make a decision.  Isn’t it interesting that Jesus did not condemn him for his questions and doubts?  Instead He met him where he was and willingly gave him the evidence that he wanted along with the instructions, “Stop doubting and believe.”

Have questions?  Take them to the Lord in prayer!  Have doubts?  Meet Him through His Word!  He is waiting to meet you right where you are and give you His gift of faith if you will receive it.

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