Lesson 7 – Introduction – May 2 – 9 The New Beginning

Would you agree that there is great power in a question that is simple, clear and well-timed? It opens doors to communication that probably would not happen otherwise. It can bring understanding and clarification to both people. It reduces the risk of sounding judgmental and opinionated. It creates the possibility of looking at a situation, a problem, or concern from a different vantage point or in a new way as answers come and conversation continues.

Throughout His whole public ministry Jesus deliberately and regularly communicated through asking questions and then He responded appropriately after He heard the answers. Now in one of His final appearances to some of the disciples He introduces His presence by asking a logical question. That’s all it took for them to recognize Him. When He wanted to get Peter’s attention, He did the same thing. Not just once, but 3 times He asked him one of the most strategic questions there is in life. It was worth repeating, so that Peter would not forget that conversation – ever. For in His response, Jesus gave to Peter the mandate for the rest of His life. So simple. So clear. So well-timed.

It’s a question that Jesus continues to ask today! “Do you love me?” Isn’t it amazing that this is what the Lord God Himself desires from His children?

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