Lesson 2 – Intro – September 20 – 27 ELOHIM

            Wouldn’t you love to know more about what life was like in that garden before the serpent came and tempted Eve?  Was the interaction between Adam and Eve anything like life as we know it?  We know that they communicated through oral language because they heard God calling to them and they conversed with Him.  There was total joy and freedom.  Perhaps the fruit on the trees didn’t have worms and there were no weeds.  There was a perfect balance of rich soil, sun and moisture.  There was no shame, no guilt, no sadness or sorrow or pain, and God – ELOHIM – the mighty creator and sustainer of all of life was their companion.  A creative nature had been given to them so that they could share in the joy of naming all the diversity of living creatures.  Some day we will be able to find out what else they did in that place of beauty where nothing separated them from The One true God.

            When sin came into the world, however, everything changed, didn’t it?  That is, everything for mankind and all of creation changed.  Everything changed, except ELOHIM, the God who is eternally consistent.  His power and majesty were not diminished.  His love for those that He had created remained the same.  His desire to have a relationship with them was not altered.  Even in the first words that He spoke to the serpent there was the promise that someday the SEED or offspring of the woman would utterly defeat Satan and sin.  His plan to provide a way of redemption for all those who would believe in Him was never threatened.  The Old Testament has always pointed the way for men and women to come to know ELOHIM personally.  As a wonderful Bible story book for children so clearly says, “Every Story Whispers His Name”.* The New Testament completed the love story which was demonstrated through the coming of God’s only Son, Jesus, to make possible the forgiveness of our sin and to give us the gift of eternal life. 

            It’s as true today as it has been throughout the history of mankind.  ELOHIM, the creator and sustainer of all life, wants me to know His presence and power through His Holy Spirit each and every day of my life as I trust in Him.  ELOHIM, the covenant- keeping God, will always keep His promises to me.  It is so amazing!

 *The Jesus Storybook Bible, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones

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  1. Did you print out the study guides? There is a whole list of verses which use the name “ELOHIM”. Let me know if you don’t find them and I’ll try to help you figure it out. The whole lesson series is found under “Current Study” – at the top of the page.

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