What are your thoughts? Lesson 2 – ELOHIM

         When is the last time that you actually got “down on your knees” to pray in your own home or even in church?  Our posture communicates a great deal about our heart attitude and our feelings at any given time.  For centuries, churches provided a kneeling bench in front of each pew and throughout any worship service people were encouraged to kneel as they prayed to God.  There is something about the name, ELOHIM, that has caused me to consider returning to the example that my Godly mother set for me as morning by morning, throughout her lifetime, she would take her Bible and her prayer list and in the privacy of her room, she would kneel in front of her chair to read and to quietly speak out loud her praise and requests to the LORD, her ELOHIM.  In Psalm 95, the Psalmist says it so clearly – Come, let’s raise our hands and sing and rejoice and give thanks to our great God, but then let’s come and bow down and worship in humility and submission because He is our maker and the only One who can keep us safe and secure.  Today and tomorrow, I’m going to spend some time on my knees.  How about you?


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