Sharing an Insight – Lesson 1

      It’s right there in the 10 commandments which God Himself gave to Moses so that the Israelites (and you and I) would have some clear guidelines for living life.  “Don’t misuse the name of the LORD your God”.  That idea seems so much broader in its implications than “take in vain”.  It’s much bigger than the traditional warning against swearing, isn’t it?  It’s a warning against “name dropping” – using God’s name for any of my own purposes or in order to impress someone with my own agenda.  It’s a word of caution about using one of God’s very own names too lightly, too familiarly, or even too casually.  “Holy God, maker of heaven and earth, please help me to be aware of times when I misuse Your Name or cause others to treat You with less respect and adoration than You deserve.  Teach me to ‘Bless Your Name’ in my thoughts and in my words.”


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