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Lesson 8 – Introduction – Nov. 4 – 11 Deuteronomy 12 – 26

A brand new culture right in the middle of a hostile and pagan environment.  What would it be like?  What would set them apart from the other nations?  Where would the ideas come from?  Isn’t it totally amazing that God in His mercy didn’t leave His people to flounder when it came to many areas of life and community that would make them distinctive and would help them to be pure and righteous?  By following the clear instructions that had been given to them, they would be able to establish their new way of life according to the purposes of God.  As they did this, they would experience His blessing and prosper in all that they did.

God gave them far more than arbitrary laws and regulations. He outlined a plan for them in many areas of community, moral and religious life.  While some of these laws may seem harsh and even cruel to us, we would, no doubt, have a different impression if we understood God’s deep desire for His people to thrive, rather than be gradually seduced by the ungodly practices and beliefs of the other nations.  A good, just and holy God could only outline behavior and societal regulations that would be in keeping with His character.

It is intriguing to follow the clear incentives that Moses outlined for the people as he gave them these societal and personal regulations.  They would have rest from their enemies and live in safety.  They would have abundant food to eat and times of rejoicing as they celebrated the past and enjoyed the present.  Things would go well with them and with the next generations.  They would be admired and feared by other nations because of their generosity and God’s presence among them.  How much more could they have wanted?

God had entered into a covenant relationship with His chosen people, but He would not force them or manipulate them in any way.  He would continue to offer His forgiveness, mercy, and love and give them the opportunity to receive His gifts through their faith in Him.  Would they believe that what He said was really true?





Lesson 3 – Intro – Sept. 30 – Oct. 7 Deuteronomy 4: 44 – 5: 33

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “awestruck”?  What emotions do you associate with the word “awesome”?  Perhaps wonder and amazement are the first ideas that come to your mind.  Or is it delight and astonishment?   However, right behind those feelings can also be a sense of concern, uncertainty, and even fear.  The thrill…Continue Reading

Lesson 2 – Introduction – Sept. 23-30 Deuteronomy 4: 1 – 40

What is your best definition or description of the word “heart”?  The dictionary  says that it is the vital center of one’s being, emotions and sensibilities.  Then there is a surprisingly long list of phrases that we use in our language which include the word ” heart” – heart-ache, heart-felt, heartless, to your heart’s content, heartily. …Continue Reading

Lesson 1-Introduction – Sept. 16 – 23 Deuteronomy 1 – 3

One of the things that I love about young children is their energetic and focused response to whatever catches their attention at the moment.  There is no holding back their enthusiasm, curiosity, playfulness or their tears!  You might say that they spontaneously live out the word “wholehearted”. In the opening 4 chapters of Deuteronomy, Moses…Continue Reading