Lesson 6 – Introduction – Oct. 21 – 28 Deuteronomy 9 – 10

There is something so wonderful about a sermon that moves you to a new understanding or a deeper appreciation of the wonders of our God. It doesn’t happen every Sunday in church and it doesn’t happen every time that you listen to one of your favorite preachers, does it?  It is not even the top priority of every message that is prepared by those who have been gifted to teach and to preach, but when the Spirit of God takes the words that are given to a person by the Holy Spirit, those very words can penetrate down into the very core of a person who is ready to receive them.  It’s the kind of message that draws you into a place of worship where your response is to bow down in humility and adoration of the LORD.

That is just the kind of message that Moses had prepared for this new generation of Israelites who were going into a new land where the enemies would still be enormous, but their God would always be stronger.  And if God would go before them, why should they be afraid?  Someone has so aptly said that when you have learned to love God more for who HE IS than for what He can do for you, then you will finally be free to become who He wants you to be.  Perhaps that is why Moses painted a powerful auditory picture of the immense omnipotence and omniscience of their God in this time of transition.

Often God reveals more of Himself to us through words – the words of Scripture or the words of another person.  Sometimes He shows up through miracles and marvels that He performs in answer to prayer or simply to demonstrate His goodness to us.  At other times it is through His creation and the amazing world around us that we become aware of the strong and loving hand of God in meaningful ways.  The one thing that you can always count on is that He will continue to amaze those who are looking for Him through the most surprising events and at the most unexpected times.  And when that happens the only thing you can do is bow down in humility and adoration of the One true God.

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  1. As I read these chapters, the words that jumped off the page for me was the fact that God dispossessed the nations because of their wickedness. And it was not because of the righteousness nor uprightness of the Israelites’ heart that they were going to possess the land, but because of the oath that the Lord swore to their fathers.

    I thank the Lord for the fathers who went before us that caused us to be blessed in this land that we now possess in America!

    • I just want to say that I so enjoy this online study. I really love the Study Guides and the questions to ponder. All about the heart – it is great. This weeks’ lesson, the guide asks How have I walked thru Life, with a soft heart? It is something I try to always be conscious of and pray about. I have been very challenged this past year in softening my heart – walking thru something that I never would have imagined in a million years, I would walk thru..in my marriage. Something that no husband or wife thinks they will; it is unimaginable is the only way to put it. And i had to fight against my heart hardening, and bitterness setting in. Thank you for this week’s lesson!

  2. Linda,
    Thank you for your mention of your situation. I’m praying for you. I’m sorry to hear of this difficulty. I hope this time finds you growing closer to the God who loves you so much! You are precious to Him, and He sees all things.

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