Lesson 1-Introduction – Sept. 16 – 23 Deuteronomy 1 – 3

One of the things that I love about young children is their energetic and focused response to whatever catches their attention at the moment.  There is no holding back their enthusiasm, curiosity, playfulness or their tears!  You might say that they spontaneously live out the word “wholehearted”.

In the opening 4 chapters of Deuteronomy, Moses is reviewing the experiences of the last 40 years with the generation that is now going to enter the land that was promised to Abraham a long time ago.  Their parents, and perhaps grandparents, were the adults who had experienced God’s amazing delivery from their bondage and slavery in Egypt.  God wanted to take them directly to the land that He would give to them, but they chose to look at the size of their enemies rather than the power and promises that God had given them.  They “lost heart” and chose to live life according to their own wisdom and strength.

Now after wandering for about 38 years, this new generation would have the opportunity to choose to follow the plans that God had for them and experience victory over their enemies.  Joshua would soon become their new and trusted leader.  Caleb would be one of his assistants.  You’ll discover in your study what made these 2 men different from all the others.

As you begin to study the Book of Deuteronomy, keep clearly in your mind the ways in which these events are parallel to your experience.  As believers, we, too, have been delivered from a place of bondage to sin and the limits of our own selfish ways.  The victory, which can be ours through Christ, is offered to us, but is not forced upon us.  Every promise is ours through faith, just as it was for those children of God so long ago.

No wonder Jesus called us to become like children.  The kingdom of God is made up of those who love and follow Him wholeheartedly.

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  1. Like everyone else, there have been times in my life when I “have been too fearful or discouraged to move ahead.”
    There was a time after my husband died 9 years ago that I found it hard to be around people or have conversations because I would start to cry. In an effort to isolate myself, I would take classes at Cabrillo Junior College.
    From the parking lot of the computer lab I could see Twin Lakes Church. I had never attended there.
    Each time I was in the parking lot I glanced at the church building and there was the small, soft voice saying “go there”. My immediate answer was always “Absolutely not! Because if anyone talks to me I will start to cry and I’m afraid I won’t stop!” But each time I was met with the prompting to “just try it”.
    I finally gave in with the thought that if anyone spoke to me I would leave and never go back.

    Well, the first Sunday—no one spoke to me. For months no one spoke to me! I sat in the back and listened to God’s word and laughed at Pastor Rene’s jokes. I would occasionally tear-up a bit during the beautiful worship music…but, I would never cry.

    Months later, in God’s time, a lady named Patti M. sat down beside me and introduced herself. I held my breath for a second but no tears came. We talked and she invited me to a singles group bible study.
    Patti is now one of my dearest friends. It’s my belief that God kept me “wandering in the desert” so I could heal while drawing closer to Him. Although I had been hesitant I learned to trust in His promises.

  2. Sandy,
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    I love how the Lord understood your desire not to speak to anyone, all the while softening your heart each week and preparing you for the conversation that would eventually take place. God is so gentle in this way!

    I always wondered how many end up at Twin Lakes Church because of being able to park in the lot for their Cabrillo College classes. I have a big smile about how sneaky God can be. He loves us so much!

    While I am involved in ministry throughout Santa Cruz County, I needed to get away from all the ministry and people this summer. I spent many hours just listening and waiting on the Lord. This study of Deuteronomy is going to take me into another aspect of the promised land.

    I look forward to everyone’s comments!

  3. Thank you Sandy for sharing your testimony of God’s Love.
    I also was a student at Cabrillo College. I would park in the over flow parking. One day I asked my husband if he wanted to go. I said don’t you talk to anyone, give your phone number. I would sit with my arms crossed and wait for the pastor with this girl’s name Rene to give me some kind of guilt message or the dreaded wanting my money. I found that I would feel a little hopeful and actually enjoyed going after each Sunday.

    I am sorry about your husbands passing Sandy.

  4. Denise and Lori, thanks for your comments. You’re so caring and understanding. It makes me laugh to think that the Lord has set up his tent in the parking lot…..! It also calms me to think that we can trust God even if we can’t predict the outcome.

  5. I am in agreement with Sandy’s statement that God can be trusted even if we can’t predict the outcome. Our calling is to love the Lord our God with all our heart and all our soul and with all our strength….all else is His to do. He builds the cities and provides the food and the other resources that we need. For me He has even provide children to love and pour my life into. He is an awesome God and there is no other!

  6. Hi Lynn,
    I’m so glad to see you in the study with us. Remember me from the Goodwill offices where the Toastmasters’ meetings are held.

    What a great article in the Sentinel. People are seeing God through your life. Thank you, thank you for all you are doing!

    See you at church too!

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