Lesson 3 – Intro – Sept. 30 – Oct. 7 Deuteronomy 4: 44 – 5: 33

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “awestruck”?  What emotions do you associate with the word “awesome”?  Perhaps wonder and amazement are the first ideas that come to your mind.  Or is it delight and astonishment?   However, right behind those feelings can also be a sense of concern, uncertainty, and even fear.  The thrill and excitement of the moment can be enhanced by the awareness of being helpless and sometimes overwhelmed.

Can you think of some experiences, places or times when you have been awestruck?  How did that impact your thinking and your behavior?  Can you remember some events or quiet moments when you have been deeply moved with wonder by the love and sacrifice of Jesus?  Or by the presence and power and peace of God?

As Moses begins his second message to the Israelites who will soon be crossing over into the Promised Land, he takes the time to remind them of the awesome experience that happened at Mount Sinai (Horeb), when He spoke out of the fire to the people and gave to them His commandments through Moses.  Many of this generation will have some personal memories of that time and others will know about it only through the stories that they have heard.  Perhaps the one word that could begin to describe the response of the people that day is that they were awestruck.  For them, this meant that their hearts were inclined to total surrender, dependence, and worship of this great and merciful and awesome God.

If only this new generation would “incline their hearts” to fear God and to obey Him.  If only they would be “awestruck by such an awesome God” that they would listen to His voice and respond wholeheartedly.



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  1. I was awestruck this last week when that security jet flew over Santa Cruz and forced the small plane back to the Monterey airport. I was at the ocean and the sound of that jet flying through the air caused everyone to stop what they were doing and look up into the sky. The sound was really piercing the ears.

    Another awestruck sound that stopped me in my tracks, was the sound of a lion’s roar. I have been near a lion several times at the zoo when they let out their mighty roar. One time we were in a building which intensified his roar as it was contained within the walls. Everyone froze and waited for the sound to stop.

    I imagine God’s voice can reach these heights and more!

  2. Does anyone remember in years past (maybe the 80’s?) when a dentist who lived at Rio Del Mar Beach would host a 4th of July fireworks display? It was quite elaborate. We would take a thermos of coffee & a blanket and lay down next to where the salvos were ignited. The sand would shake and rumble our insides with each firing….then the spectacular colors would burst overhead. All of our senses came alive!
    Similar to the Israelites…..we felt dangerously close.

    I can imagine that God’s voice would speak to every cell in our bodies. I can’t think that it would ever fade from our memory.

    How many Israelites was Moses talking to in this lesson as compared to when he received the ten commandments? Millions?

  3. Marilyn and Kim, this particular study in Deuteronomy is exactly what God wants me to understand at this point in my life. This AM my chest pain(scar tissue) was so severe I missed church and stayed in bed–which allowed me to catch up. The tribulations I’ve lived through, since 2007, have given me many “awestruck’ moments as God kept picking up the pieces and making paths where no man could. I’ve been overwhelmed with His love and hands-on care. Last week my last and longest, closest male friend died, as did my aunt. I’ve been angry–“Why did You keep me alive when all my family and close friends are now dead?” I asked God to put a purpose to all this loss and grief–then I read vs. 16. For me it is literal! I was honoring my father and now I know why I’ve done so well–I’d completely forgotten the promise of this verse. This is an Ah-ha moment for me and a future promise.

    If any of you ladies have The Encouragement Bible, I recommend you use it for this study. The side passages correspond with Marilyn’s thoughts and are very passage specific.

  4. Christine,
    I’m sorry to hear of your loss. What an encouragement that you found awestruck moments in the middle of much grief. I’m praying for your health and comfort. Thank you for being a part of our group study!

  5. Christine, thank you for sharing your story. Your courage through so much grief is no small thing….and by sharing your awestruck moment, we all learn. I pray that our Lord will keep you in his compassionate care.

    I’ll look for The Encouragement Bible….maybe on Amazon.com?

    • Thank you for caring and your encouragement. I just found out that another racing associate died last night–we’re all under age 60!

      Patti M. lent me her NIV Encouragement Bible after my home was robbed and my auto stolen–until I purchased my own from Joni and Friends. It has been a huge blessing.

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