Deuteronomy – What's Your Response?

The Journey From Fear to Faith.  If I were to write another study based on the Book of Deuteronomy, that would be the title of the series.  Moses wanted this new generation to move from living life from the perspective of the “what ifs”, the possibilities, the size of their enemies, and their false memories of the past.  He knew that God could be trusted to be faithful and strong and to keep all of His promises.  He knew that if they would believe that God always had their good in His mind and that He was never surprised by events, they would find joy and peace in whatever circumstance would come to them.

That’s how I want to live.  That’s the greatest lesson that I have  been living out this fall in the surprise and challenging events that have come to me and to my family.  And I am learning that God really does enable me to have faith as I respond to Him and keep my eyes on His promises. 

Will you take a few minutes to share one thing that you have learned because of this study with the rest of us?  It will help you and encourage all of us.

New Study Series – “His Name is JESUS” – beginning Jan. 6.  The Introduction and Lessons will be available mid-December, so that you can be ready to begin.

One Response to Deuteronomy – What's Your Response?

  1. The biggest lesson for me in this study was that God has new things for us. I love new things. Not so much material things, but spiritual things. God has so much more for us spiritually than we can imagine. I’m looking forward to what discoveries we will make about God in the coming year 2012. He is grand, and 2012 is going to be grand!

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