Summer Study – Beginning June 15

“I Love You, O Lord” – 10 Amazing Reasons To Love God

Check it out!  The lessons are ready for you to print at your convenience.

Our study, with the introduction to Lesson 1, will begin on June 15 –  just 2 weeks from today.  Why not invite some of your friends to join us or even start a small group with a friend or 2 and enjoy some conversation centered around your discoveries as you meditate on the Word of God?

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  1. Hello!
    I am so grateful to have found this study and look forward to sharing it. Thank you for setting this up. I’ve recently begun working more and will be out of the country on June 15. But no matter! I can still share it with you! I know that bible study will ground me, and I’ll need that while I’m working away from home.
    Hey, just read Psalm 18 — what a story of victory! Can’t wait!

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