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Did you know that the book called Isaiah is the most complete revelation of Christ found in the Old Testament? You are invited to join us as we take an 11-week overview of this prophetic book, highlighting the promises given by Jehovah to His chosen people and to us. You will be surprised to discover…Continue Reading


Our new fall study will be “God’s Promises – Then and Now”. You’re invited to join us as we discover the promises that God gave to the Israelites and to us through His prophet, Isaiah. They are amazing! Study guides will be available mid- August at Study will begin September 20.Continue Reading


Have you ever had a time in your life when you seriously questioned the goodness and mercy of the Lord?  Perhaps it was an illness, some disappointment, financial loss, confusion, relational issues, or a sense of depression or discouragement that caused your hope in God to decrease.  It is in these times of crisis and…Continue Reading

SECURE IN HOPE – Intro to Lesson 4 – July 12 – 19

What makes you feel safe and secure?  We have bank accounts, IRA’s, insurance policies, and retirement plans in the hopes that there will be enough money for our retirement years.   We have medical tests, pills, and regular checkups with doctors and dentists so that we can avoid at least some health problems and take care…Continue Reading

BLESSED BY HOPE – Intro to Lesson 3 – July 5 – 12

Remember what Eeyore said to Winnie-the-Pooh when it was snowing outside?  First, he observed in his gloomy voice, “And it’s freezing.”  And then he just couldn’t help himself and added, “However, we haven’t had an earthquake lately”.  Why is it that some people choose to see problems where others see possibilities, criticize where others express…Continue Reading


Would you agree that the word “hope” has an enormous range of meanings?  It can suggest anything from wishful thinking to an expectation that has a great degree of certainty.  For example, one might say, “I hope that my friend in India will be able to come and visit me some day”.  There is no…Continue Reading