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A TIME TO LAMENT – Intro Lesson 5

It has been said, “To cry is human, but to lament is Christian”.  What do you think Mark Vroegop meant when he used this phrase in his book, “Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy”?  Did you know that almost one-third of the Psalms are “songs of lament”?  In fact, there is a whole book in the Old…Continue Reading

WHEN YOU ARE AFRAID – Intro Lesson 4

Do you agree with this idea?  “It’s not that we shouldn’t ever feel fear . . . We’re just not supposed to obey it”.  Fear is, without a doubt, a God-given emotion for our protection and safety.  It can be a vital and even a life-saving response to both physical and emotional danger or pain. …Continue Reading

MUSIC and PRAYER – Intro Lesson 3

Have there been times in your spiritual life when a song touched your spirit and emotions in a profound or significant way?  Perhaps it was a rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus”, sung harmoniously and beautifully, on an Easter morning.  It could have happened as you listened to a child simply but sincerely singing, “Jesus Loves…Continue Reading

A CHOICE or A DECISION? – Intro Lesson 2

Is there a difference between a making a choice and making a decision?  There are experts who tell us an average person makes about 2,000 choices every hour or around 35,000 per day.  If this is true, then immediately one must realize a high percentage of them are either unconscious, habit-based or insignificant.  You could…Continue Reading


It takes effort.  It takes thought.  It takes a willingness to listen and to care about the hopes and desires of others.  Sometimes it means changing your mind or incorporating new ideas.  It doesn’t matter whether you are embarking on an adventure, starting a new job, furnishing a new living space, or forming a small…Continue Reading


What do you call it when you pray before a meal?  In your mind is it “saying grace”, “giving thanks” or a “blessing”?  Is it a spontaneous or a memorized prayer, a song, or simply a time to bow silently and individually before the Lord?  In the Christian tradition a grace is explained as “a…Continue Reading


As we look forward to the new study on prayer this fall, here are some thoughts from an “unnamed old preacher” who Spurgeon quoted in one of his sermons.    “Remember, the Lord will not hear you, because of the arithmetic of your prayers; He does not count their numbers.     He will not hear…Continue Reading


“WHEN YOU PRAY . . .” When do YOU pray?  Why do YOU pray?  What difference does it make? As we look at the prayers of 10 different men and women in the Old Testament, you’ll not only discover some answers to these questions, but you will find your desire to talk with and listen to…Continue Reading