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WHAT MAKES SOMEONE APPROACHABLE? – Introduction Lesson 5 – Feb. 7 – 14

Approachable. It’s an interesting word, isn’t it? What makes some people so “approachable” while other people clearly have a wall of some type around them or a facade that keeps other people from coming close to them? Elections have been won and lost by candidates who can or cannot communicate their willingness to listen and…Continue Reading

DO YOU LIKE BIOGRAPHIES? – Intro Lesson 2 – January 17 – 24

It must be very challenging to write someone’s biography. Sometimes authors interview the person, his or her family, and as many acquaintances and friends as possible in order to be able to accurately write a life story. At other times all of the information is acquired through research. Historical records, correspondence, other biographies, interviews, and…Continue Reading


Did you hear the Christmas carol called “It’s About the Cross” in the last few weeks? It was a new one to me this year but the words continue to swirl around in my mind every day. They so vividly tell the whole story of why Jesus came that Christmas morning and really why we…Continue Reading


As Christmas 2019 comes and goes, may you find yourself not only remembering and celebrating Jesus’ first arrival as a baby in Bethlehem, but eagerly anticipating His second coming. May you be filled with real peace and the life-giving joy that is found only in Him during this season and throughout the New Year. Thanks…Continue Reading


Wouldn’t you like to understand more about just who Jesus was as He walked through those towns and villages so long ago? Our winter study will enable you to do exactly that as we journey with Him “From Bethlehem to Calvary.” This 13-week study will begin on Friday, January 10. You are welcome to use…Continue Reading


Less than one week ago my second devotional book arrived from the printer! CHECK IT OUT – on – “MEDITATE ON THESE THINGS”. Why not just go ahead and buy a few copies – one for yourself and a few to give to your friends this Christmas season? It includes a collection of the…Continue Reading