There is nothing quite like watching or experiencing the delivery of a newborn baby.  The anticipation that builds as the due date comes near.  The questions that arise as the labor begins.  The urgency and expectancy that fill the air as the mom tries to breathe deeply and to let the moments between the periods of intense pain be permeated with a sense of peace and tranquility.  The silent, yet anxious, reassurance that the new father tries so hard to bring into the whole experience.  And then the moment arrives.  The little one leaves the security of the mother’s womb to enter into life in this world.  Words can hardly express the miracle that has just occurred.  The miracle of new life – a gift from God.

As you move through another Christmas season, a time of celebration and an opportunity to try to integrate the miracle of God’s Son being born as a tiny child so that He could bring the gift of real life to you and to me, may you have a renewed sense of awe and wonder.  May the joy of what His miraculous birth means fill your heart and mind with comfort and peace.  

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