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Wouldn’t you like to understand more about just who Jesus was as He walked through those towns and villages so long ago? Our winter study will enable you to do exactly that as we journey with Him “From Bethlehem to Calvary.” This 13-week study will begin on Friday, January 10. You are welcome to use the study guides on your own schedule and at your convenience. They will posted on this website in early December.


Less than one week ago my second devotional book arrived from the printer! CHECK IT OUT – on – “MEDITATE ON THESE THINGS”. Why not just go ahead and buy a few copies – one for yourself and a few to give to your friends this Christmas season? It includes a collection of the…Continue Reading

GOD’S PROMISE of HIS PRESENCE – Intro Lesson 6 – Oct. 25 – Nov. 1

Remember the times when you were growing up that two leaders would each begin to choose their team members?  The first team captain would pick someone and then the other one would take his/her turn.  Sometimes individuals were chosen because of a particular skill or talent.  At other times it was about friendship, popularity, or…Continue Reading