EVERYTHING WE NEED . . . – Intro Lesson 1 – June 14 – 21

Have you ever had the experience of answering the phone and hearing some exciting and happy news that is almost unbelievable?  Your pulse likely speeds up and a variety of thoughts run through your mind.  You might even have to catch your breath because of the deep joy you feel.  Perhaps you’ve gotten the job you have dreamed of or you’re going to get a visit from a dear friend.  Or is it news from the doctor’s office that alleviates all your suspicions of an illness.  It is at times like this that people often use the phrase, “It’s just too good to be true”.  While the phrase might indicate a skeptical attitude, the reality is that it will take time and trust for you to process the veracity of what you have just been told.

When Jesus told the people that He had come to give them abundant life and to bring the Kingdom of heaven to them, it was news they could hardly grasp.  It probably seemed “too good to be true” to some of them and so they continued to listen, to search, to ask questions, and to wonder.  The fact is that many of us continue to do the same thing today.  At one level, we nod our heads in agreement when we read the Bible and see the promises God makes to His children but too often we are tempted to feel they are really meant for those who are “more spiritual” than we are or that we do not deserve to receive that kind of mercy or love from Him.

But guess what!  God never made a promise that is “too good to be true.”  (D. L. Moody) In fact, it is in believing He really meant what He said that we will be able to have “everything we need for living a Godly life”.  Sounds almost unbelievable until you, by God’s power, step out in faith.  It is in trusting His promises that you and I will discover not only who He is but the unlimited riches of His grace and His peace and His power in us.

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