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COMPLIANT OR STRONG-WILLED? – Introduction to Lesson 7 – Oct. 26 – Nov. 2

Would you agree that some children show almost from the time they are born that they are going to be a “strong-willed child”?  They are determined and delightful, stubborn and spirited, bossy and bright.  They like to make their own rules and to understand the reason behind directives.  Parents can find themselves exhausted, irritated and…Continue Reading

Why Did Noah Listen? – Insight Lesson 1

It couldn’t have been the first time that Noah felt the inner stirrings in his heart that God wanted him to do something out of the ordinary.  It was probably not the only time that Noah had heard from the Lord and chosen God’s wisdom over his own instincts.  No doubt, his life of obedience…Continue Reading


Want a sneak peak at what this new fall series will include?   Here it is – Week  1 – Noah –      “You’re Asking Me to Do What?” Week  2 – Abraham – “Really?  You Want Me to Move?” Week  3 – Moses –     “You Can’t Really Mean Me!” Week  4 – Joshua –    “March around…Continue Reading

“Listening for the Voice of God”

How do you respond when you hear God calling out to you, asking you to follow Him wherever He is leading you? God is the One who delights in using ordinary people, just like you and me, to accomplish the extraordinary.  You are invited to join us this fall as we discover what happens when people choose…Continue Reading