DID YOU MEAN TO BE JUDGMENTAL? – Introduction Lesson 12 – March 29 – April 5

It is not easy to be with people who clearly convey they are the authorities in almost every subject that comes up in a discussion with them.  Is it their tone of voice which makes others feel that way about them?  Is it the words they use?  Or is it an attitude of superiority which overshadows whatever they may know and say.  Whatever it is, there is no question it tends to make the listener feel inferior and uninformed. Very opinionated people are often perceived and described as being both judgmental and critical even though that may or may not be their intent. 

Apparently this is not a new problem in relationships and in communication even among believers.  Some people find that a certain way of doing things or a specific list of “rules” is the best way to honor the Lord, while other people, who are equally sincere, may not agree with those guidelines. It could be that Paul addressed this problem in his letter because he wanted the believers in Christ to understand that in the areas of non-essentials there is a great deal of room for a variety of opinions.  The much greater proof that someone really belongs to the Lord is whether or not they are able to stop passing judgment on others but are willing to encourage them through their unselfish words and actions.  How much he longs for them to be willing to focus on letting God be the judge of other people rather than making it their personal responsibility to correct and to convince people of what is right and wrong.

“Let us therefore make every effort to do (and say) what leads to peace and to mutual edification.”  Romans 14: 19

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