Why is it that great communicators often use analogies in order to explain a new concept or to clarify an idea?   Taking a familiar object and comparing it in specific ways to something that is unfamiliar can help the listener to engage in an active way.  There is the element of surprise and mystery as the speaker begins to give the illustration, but as the relationship develops there comes the sense of understanding and discovery.  Most of us recognize the analogy of a “fish out of water” to illustrate the idea that someone is uncomfortable in their circumstances or surroundings.  If you hear that a doctor often needs to be a good detective, you immediately grasp the idea that when a doctor wants to make a good diagnosis, he/she must look at all the evidence before coming to a conclusion.

Throughout the New Testament, the writers often recorded for us some very helpful analogies so that the readers could grasp in meaningful and concrete ways what their new life in Christ would begin to look like.  Jesus told His new disciples who were fishermen that in the future they would be fishers of men.  Paul told the new believers that they should take seriously the admirable characteristics of both an athlete and a soldier.  As followers of Jesus, it would be important for them to think about being His representative but also being a servant and encouraging others to do the same thing. 

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