What do you want to be when you grow up?  It’s a question that young children are often asked.  The fact is that adults ask this question of themselves periodically throughout life, too.  Sometimes a young child’s dream turns out to be the exact path she or he takes and follows consistently.  More often the aspirations turn many corners as a child matures and life’s experiences influence the choices which are made.  What is it that makes each of us find opportunity and fulfillment in such amazingly different pursuits?

There is no question that it would be much simpler and perhaps equally satisfying if there were someone who could wisely tell children exactly what career path to follow and then give them the resources to get the training and experience necessary for success.  That is exactly what God has done for us in the Christian life!  He has given to us the challenge to have many different “careers” at the same time as we journey through our days, eager to be all that He wants us to be as His children.  The writers of the epistles instruct us clearly that we are all called to develop the attributes and expertise basic to several different vocations.  What is an even greater truth is that God has given us re resources to be successful.

Wouldn’t you like to explore what it means to be an athlete, a soldier, a representative, a counselor and a servant?  What is it about each of these vocations that would help you and I experience the joy and satisfaction of knowing we are really following Jesus?  If your answer is “yes”, then this just might be the Bible study you will want to do this summer.

BY THE WAY – Introductions for this series of study guides will be starting next Friday, June 16.

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