FROM THANKS to GIVING – Intro Lesson 10

What do you think moves some people to be generous – to give willingly, even eagerly, of not only their financial resources but their time, their abilities or even their presence?  Did they learn the benefits of generosity from their parents?  Have they discovered the huge personal benefits and joy of unselfishness?  Someone has said that “it is out of a heartfelt spirit of gratefulness to God that someone is willing to share what they own and who they are without expecting anything in return.”

Have you ever thought about God as a “generous God”?  David certainly did as he wrote his many songs of praise and adoration.  As you contemplate Psalm 145 this Thanksgiving week make a note of the adjectives and phrases that he used to describe God.  For example, He is compassionate.  He upholds those who are weak.  He gives food to those who are in need.  He is near to those who need Him.  His generosity is without compare!

How do you define the idea of generosity?  What synonyms come to your mind when you look at your own willingness to be there for people in need, to share your time and talents, or to help others financially?  What would it look like for you and me to complete our thanks by looking for specific ways to be giving to not only those we love, but those who are in need?

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