What Does It Mean to “Ponder”?

It’s a very old-fashioned word, isn’t it?  In spite of that, you probably have a good idea of what it means and can think of several synonyms for it.  Here are a few – meditate, deliberate, reflect, consider.  The dictionary suggests that it means “to think deeply about something” or “to think with painstaking care and thoroughness”.  Would you agree that it is not a highly developed skill for most people?  When is the last time that you went off by yourself in order to be still and to simply ponder or consider who God really is or some verse of Scripture that has come to your attention?

Our fall study will give you a great opportunity to spend some time each week considering one idea about God’s character and how that can impact your life.  For example week 1 is “The Almighty God – My Strength” or week 2 is “The Eternal God – My Rock”.

Sound intriguing to you?   You will find the study guides to print or use online under “current study” –  www.westudytogether.com     Perhaps you can find a friend or 2 who will do the same thing and then after you have each taken time to “ponder”, to “reflect” on these ideas, why not talk about them with each other.  Finally, would you be willing to write a response and post it on the website?  It would make a bigger impact on you and would be a blessing to the rest of us!

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