Some of the most poignant writing that people do is often written in the final years of their life. It is frequently very reflective and introspective. It might be centered on cherished memories or relationships or on recalling special events or major turning points. There might be some advice or counsel or choice morsels of wisdom or insight. Did you know that Psalm 18 was actually written by David and recorded for historical value in II Samuel 22?  Why not get a head start on our fall study this week by reading it in its first setting? As David reflected on how God had protected and guarded him, he portrayed in vivid imagery his life experiences. It is no wonder that he so beautifully described his deep love for the Lord and His gratefulness for all that God had done for him throughout his life. Savor his descriptions and take note of how he described the Lord, his God.

Next Friday our fall study begins – Sept. 11 – “I Love You, O LORD”.  Don’t miss out on this great and inspiring opportunity to deepen your love and strengthen your faith.  It’s worth at least one hour or more of your time each week!

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