HOW DO YOU DEFINE A “MIRACLE”? – Introduction Lesson 3 – Jan. 24 – 31

How do you define a miracle? The dictionary says that it is “an event that appears unexplainable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God”. Why do you think that Jesus performed so many miracles during the three years of His public life and ministry? Why did He demonstrate power over disease, over nature, over the forces of evil, and finally over death itself? What did He accomplish as He performed these wonders?

Certainly one of the first things that happened as a result of His miracles is that He drew a great deal of attention to Himself. His fame spread quickly. The sick and needy came to Him and others interceded with Him on behalf of people whom they loved. Another obvious result is that these miracles gave Him the opportunity to not only show mercy and kindness to individuals, but to explain to the crowds more about Himself and His mission, as well as His concerns and beliefs. Perhaps the most significant reason that He performed these miracles was to give unquestionable proof of His divine character and authority. Jesus clearly demonstrated God’s supreme power to save to all those who had eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that was open to receive Him. Some missed His arrival as Messiah because their focus was limited to a King, rather than a Messiah who had the power to liberate or deliver them from their bondage to sin and to self.

It is still true today, isn’t it? One of the major differences is that presently in our culture when miracles occur, those who deny or ignore God have their own explanations about why things happen – luck, alignment of the stars, ying and yang, or co-incidence, for example. For those who have experienced God’s mercy and grace, miracles still abound. Where God is present there will always be the possibility of the demonstration of His power in surprising and unexplainable events. For those who come to Jesus in prayer, He has promised to show His strength. Where the Holy Spirit is dwelling there will be evidence of the life and peace and hope that His presence always brings. Jesus still delights in performing saving miracles for all those who put their trust in Him!

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