WHO DO YOU WANT TO PLEASE? – Introduction to Lesson 4 – Jan. 31- February 7

Have you ever worked hard on a project and thought that it would please someone and then found out that you have not met their expectations? At other times it is possible to have the exact opposite experience. You start out doing something, wondering if you will really be able to accomplish or finish the task well, only to discover that others are exceedingly pleased with your efforts. There are times throughout life that we would gladly do the tasks, work, or chores that would please or help someone in our family or a friend or boss, but for a variety of reasons either they are unable to clarify what that means or we are not able to hear them clearly or meet their expectations satisfactorily.

When it comes to living life in a way that honors and pleases God, however, Jesus could not have made His expectations any clearer. He gave guidelines and examples that a child can understand.  When it comes to incentives and motivation, it is actually quite amazing what He offers to those who will take Him seriously. Think about it. There is the offer of having a life that is blessed – a life that is full of joy and gladness, satisfaction and stability. Isn’t that what you and I are looking for? But there is more. For those who choose the radical way of living that Jesus demonstrates, explains, and illustrates, there is also a future reward in heaven. He says that it will be a great reward.

Perhaps you should wait just one more minute before you sign up for this “blessed life”. Does Jesus really mean that for now, while we live in time, it might mean that we will need to recognize our complete dependence and need for Him? We will need to hunger and thirst more for righteousness and goodness than for material possessions? We will need to love sacrificially and show mercy generously whether we feel like it or not? We may even need to suffer for doing right and being loyal and faithful to the Savior? I have decided to sign on and am ready to hear more from this One whose name is JESUS. How about you?

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