What is Your Answer?

As 2016 comes to an end and we approach the opening days of a new year, would you say that “uncertainty” is a very common attitude among your family and friends? Most of the questions that we ask ourselves about the future are not the kind that have easy answers nor are we actually looking for them. They are the kind of inquiries that stimulate interesting discussions with friends or that can be helpful to us personally as we ponder our priorities and the varied possibilities that will help to determine what life will be like in the days and months ahead. What would you say are the questions that you are asking yourself and others as you look forward to 2017?

One of the questions that you might want to consider carefully is the question that Jesus asked 2 of His disciples when they came to Him with a selfish request and when a blind man, named Bartimaeus, called out to Him seeking His mercy. In both cases His response was, “What do you want Me to do for you?” It would seem obvious that as we ponder both the uncertainties which we face at this time in history as well as our own personal ones that Jesus would still come to us asking, “what is it that you and I really want Him to do for us?” Is it personal or financial security that you want Him to give you? Is it the assurance that He approves of the agenda that you have in mind? Is it the promise of your own or family health that you are seeking? Or is it to experience His mercy no matter what happens to you and your loved ones in 2017? To know by faith that God is always faithful and gracious, forgiving and kind? What are your answers?

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