Why Ask Questions?

How many questions do you think you ask in a day? Young children ask questions, lots of questions, don’t they? Some experts agree that most 4 year olds probably ask close to 450 questions a day. By the time they become teenagers, however, parents and teachers sometimes wish that there would be more questions. It is also true that brilliant thinkers never stop asking questions because they innately know that this is the door to information and insights. Why? When? How? Who? Where? Since when? How long? If? The list of possibilities is seemingly endless.

In the Gospel written by Mark we have more than 50 questions that Jesus asked during His 3 years of public ministry. You’ll be amazed and inspired as you consider the things and the people that were important to Him through the questions that He asked.  The study guides for this new 13-week series are available to print or use online at your convenience and on your own schedule –  www.westudytogether.com.  Introductions to each lesson will be posted every Friday beginning January 13, 2017 or sent to your e-mail address if you subscribe.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Would you be willing to pass this information on to your friends and Bible study leaders so that others can enjoy and benefit from these studies?

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