This is your special invitation to join us as we explore the Gospel written by Mark, looking particularly at the questions that Jesus asked.  You’ll be amazed and inspired through the amazing discoveries that you will make about Jesus as you consider the people with whom He interacted and the way that He communicated His identity, HIs goals and destiny, and His great compassion and love for both His followers and even those who were HIs enemies.  Spending about an hour each week will be immensely worth your time!

Our new study will begin with the Introduction to Lesson 1 on January 13, so you have 1 week to get those lessons printed out for yourself or for your small group.  It is a 13 week study which will conclude at Easter.  It is designed for you to do on your own schedule and at your own pace.  It’s a great study to do together with a friend as you share your insights, questions, and the ideas that the Holy Spirit gives to you as you spend time in God’s Word.  Please share this information with others!

The introductions can be sent directly to your e-mail address each week: See the “Getting Started” page for more information. Join in on the discussion whenever you can.

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