Two Great Choices

Did I hear you say that you really wanted to study the Bible this fall?  

Here are 2 really great choices –

  •   1. In person  –   Twin Lakes Church in Aptos on Tuesday mornings at 9:15, starting September 13.   The study is called “Frameworks – How to Navigate the New Testament”.  You’ll be inspired as you discover the unique contribution that each of the 27 books make to the love story that God has for you and for me,  AND you’ll get to be with other women to discuss your discoveries, pray together, and hear Eric Larson give you insights that you wouldn’t discover on your own.
  •   2. By yourself or with a friend or two – Print out or use online the 10 Lessons called “Living By Faith”.   What does this really mean?  How do I do it?  What will change if I really trust God?  Don’t miss out on the discoveries that you will make as you get to know the people who are described in Hebrews 11 – men and women who pleased God as they believed His Word and His promises.  Introductions to each lesson will be on the website or sent to subscribers by e-mail starting September 16.


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