When you think about the words “time out”, what do you think about?  Vacation? Sports? Rest? It’s a brief period of time when someone who has been very active can slow down and be refreshed and renewed, so that the pace of their activities will once again be manageable.  Let me suggest that it is a great concept when it comes to life.  Taking “time out” to really look into the Word of God – to think, to process, to meditate on the stories and ideas which are in the Bible can totally affect how we live day by day.  It’s guaranteed to help you cope with every challenge that comes your way.  What is your plan for “time out” this fall?

Why not schedule an hour (or more) each week to really study Scripture on your own?  It can be all at one time or in shorter increments.  Our new fall study, “Living By Faith”, which will begin on Friday, September 16, might just provide the tool and the incentive that you need.  If you subscribe, an introduction to the lesson will come each Friday by e-mail, so that you can begin to think about the “hero of faith” that you will get to know during that week.  You can print out the lessons or use them online – whatever works best for you.  If you have questions or comments on the lesson, we would welcome your response on the website.

Please share this opportunity with others who might be looking for a Bible study!

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