What kind of a driver are you? Some people slow down when the light is changing to yellow. They do not risk being in the intersection when it might be unsafe. Other people speed up even though the light is about to turn red, so that they will not experience any more delays in their busy schedule.  A flashing yellow light means slow down, be alert, and cautious.  It suggests that waiting would be the wisest decision!

Just as there are rules for the road, God has given us some guidelines for life. One of them that is often repeated throughout the Bible is very much like a yellow light – slow down and wait on the Lord.  It is only as we heed this advice, that we will really be able to know God, to walk in His ways, and to enjoy His presence each day.  So what kind of a driver are you – not on the road, but in life?

Why not check out our fall Bible study – “GOD’S YELLOW LIGHT”?  Your driving skills just might be greatly enhanced!

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