How many times a day is your patience and endurance tested because you have to wait? Sometimes it is simply for a few minutes because of roadwork or traffic, unexpected lines or some sort of emergency, but at other times the delay causes a much greater disappointment or even a crisis in your life. Your plans, as well as your hopes and dreams, can be altered and you find yourself in a place of uncertainty and confusion. At times like this, there is often very little that you can do but WAIT.

However, there is one kind of waiting that is always productive and brings about desirable results. It requires a quiet spirit of trust and a humble willingness to accept reality. It brings with it a sense of hope and optimism. It is not a passive response to the circumstances of life, but an active anticipation that there is a plan and a purpose behind all that happens to those who are willing to “wait on the Lord”.

You are invited to explore with us what the Bible teaches about how to live joyfully and expectantly in those minutes during the day and those seasons of life when there are no clear directions and it feels like God is not responding to your prayers. What can you and I learn from some of the examples and counsel given to us both in the Old and the New Testament? How does God want us to respond to life when we are looking at “His Yellow Light”?

May these lessons from God’s Word inspire you to willingly seek God’s agenda for your life, rather than your own. His promises to those who “wait on Him” are amazing. They are meant for you and for me.


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