The New Armor of God – Intro Lesson 10 – March 13 – 20

Why do construction workers wear “hard hats” or football players put on helmets and shoulder and knee pads?  Why do fire fighters cover themselves with jackets, gloves and face masks or medical personnel put on special clothing that completely covers them?  Of course, for a variety of reasons, each of them needs to be protected from the hazards of their occupation.  Without these safeguards the possibility of injury and illness would become very likely.   It would be foolish for any of them to ignore the warnings and just “hope for the best”.

We seldom hear about armor in our culture, but similarly, it was the way in which the warriors of centuries past protected themselves from weapons and danger.  They needed to protect not only their heads, but their whole body, including their feet, from the possibility of injury and death.  When Paul wrote to the young believers (and to us), he frequently warned them of their enemy, the devil.  He also gave them some very clear instructions about how to be safe from his attacks.   At times, he told them that Satan would attack them aggressively, but often his tactics were much more subtle and unexpected.  Either way, he is always dangerous.  Since the days of Adam and Eve, Satan has cleverly deceived individuals and valiantly fought to keep people away from believing God.  The good news is that each of us can, if we choose to use the “armor of God”, know that He will keep us safe from harm and protect us from the evil one.

There is an old saying that tells us, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed”.   To heed wise and helpful advice means that you are able to prepare in advance for the challenge which may be coming.   Why not be sure that you are well equipped with the “full armor of God” so that you will be fully protected and able to stand?


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