Sharing An Insight – Lesson 9

Isn’t it interesting that the mature eagle knows instinctively that in order to be able to soar on the currents of the wind in the future, it must go high up into the mountains and spend time alone plucking out the old and damaged feathers?  It’s painful and there are temporary wounds.  Experts tell us this time of “renewal” extends the life and vitality of the eagle significantly.   Eagles that are kept in captivity are unable to do this and suffer serious consequences. Is it any wonder that Isaiah used the eagle to help us picture what God will do for those who are willing to trust and to wait on Him?  To spend the time that it takes to “pluck out the useless activities and willingly release the attitudes and anxieties that weigh us down, so that we can be renewed?  So that we can “soar” – living life so that His grace and power are evident in our life and in our death.


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