Insight from some Great Leaders Lesson 6 – October 17 – 24

Do you remember the stories about “Curious George”?  Since those books, written and illustrated by Hans and Margret Ray, were first published in 1941 children have been fascinated by the adventures of that inquisitive and courageous little monkey and his friend, The Man with the Yellow Hat.  Why is it that children find these stories to be so entertaining and delightful?  Could it be that their own desire to explore, to learn, to find answers, and to move out beyond the boundaries of their present experience is innate in children?  Of course, this curiosity often caused little George to get himself into all kinds of mischief and trouble, but it also meant that his life was anything but dull and boring, routine and predictable.

In some ways, you might say that a huge infusion of curiosity might serve many followers of Jesus quite well!  Is it possible that when Joshua was ready to lead the people across the Jordan River and into the promised land, that along with faith and courage,  he was curious to see just how God was going to make this possible?  With great uncertainty and many questions, Samuel relinquished his position as judge, and anointed Saul to be the new king, begging the people to “fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully.”  Confident curiosity and childlike faith certainly enabled other Old Testament kings and leaders to pray and to believe that God would keep His promises in spite of seemingly impossible odds.  In fact, it was God Himself who prompted Job to become aware of His own limitations by pointing out to Him dozens of questions for which Job had no possible answer.  It was in this process that Job became totally “awestruck” – by such an amazing God.”

Have you ever noticed that young children are not necessarily looking for answers and information when they ask their questions?  They often simply want you to listen, to give them some attention, and to know that it is safe to ask whatever is on their mind.  Their curiosity is a doorway to having a relationship with an adult.  Could it be that your Heavenly Father would take delight in those same kind of questions from you?

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