Lesson 2 – Intro – March 28 – April 4 Final Words From Jesus

Do you know what a viticulturist does?  It is someone whose duties include everything related to the growing of grapes, from the controlling of pests and monitoring fruit development to vine pruning and harvesting.  Carefully pruned and tended vines which are planted in enriched soil are the only kind that will produce a satisfying quality and quantity of grapes.

As the disciples walked with Jesus late that final evening before his arrest, they might have gone through some vineyards which were softly visible in the moonlight.  They might have paused to stand close to Him as He used the vines to illustrate the importance of continuing to remain or abide in Him, actually in His love.  No doubt there were some tender and precious moments as He shared with them that even as they had seen Him continually obey His Father’s desires, so they, too, would need to do the same.  It was out of His great love for them that He told them the truth about their future but also gave them immense words of hope and encouragement.

What a vivid picture Jesus painted that night!  What possibilities there are for you and me as we choose to abide in Him and in His unending love for us?  It is still an awesome privilege today to be called His friend and to experience His joy.

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