Sharing An Insight – Lesson 2 – John 15

Lately I have thought a great deal about “change”.   It is inevitable, isn’t it?   Some changes we choose.  Some we expect simply because of age and expectations.   But many changes come unexpectedly – a phone call, a car crash, a doctor’s report, someone’s hidden agenda, or some sort of accident.   The consequences of these surprise events can cause us immediate sorrow, pain, inconvenience, loss, and even financial difficulty.  Perhaps this is why the words that Jesus spoke to His disciples are so meaningful.   As He tells them, He also tells me, “no matter what, just know that you are loved by Me.   Keep your thoughts on Me and My words to you and I will hear your prayers.”   It is so reassuring to know I don’t have to be a strong little vine, working hard to stay upright and productive all by myself, but that I am simply the branch that carries His life in me.   He will take care of me – always – without any change.


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