"FOR GOD SO LOVED . . ." – Our new Bible Study for this Spring

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A Bible Study focused on Jesus and His Amazing Love – John 13-21

Would you agree that you really don’t know the depths of someone’s love until you experience some sacrifice that they willingly make in order to help or encourage you?  Love always involves some kind of giving – giving in, giving up, giving to, giving out, giving for or simply giving “just because”.  You get a realistic glimpse into the extent of their love when you are on the receiving end.

In the three years that Jesus walked and talked with His disciples, they began to understand that He really loved them, but it was not until His final evening with them that they were confronted with the “full extent of His love.”  Soon they would witness His arrest and trial and His willingness to give His life for their sakes.  What could this death possibly accomplish?  What did He mean when He said their grief would turn to amazing joy and that His gift to them would be the coming of the Holy Spirit?

Wouldn’t you like to enter into the experience of that evening with Jesus and His dearest friends?  Wouldn’t you like to walk with the disciples after the resurrection and discover what God had planned for them – and for all believers in the future?  Wouldn’t you like to grasp a bit more of His love for you?  You are invited to join with us as we begin this 8 week study of John 13 – 21 and Acts 1 and 2.  You just might be amazed at what God has in store for you as you take the time to study His Word and to grasp more fully what it means to be completely and totally loved by the Lord Jesus.

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