Sharing An Insight – Lesson 8 – James

In your view, does healing mean that someone is restored to their previous state of health and well-being or does it mean something else?  Rather recently someone shared with me the idea that real healing is never simply going back to what was, but rather moving forward into a new set of realities – physically, emotionally and mentally.  That’s a very helpful concept which James seems to grasp as he talks about the wonderful results that come through earnest prayer.  Whether it is some kind of suffering, illness or sin that is pulling someone down, we have the great opportunity to come together in honesty with each other, recognizing our complete and total dependence on the Lord.  Then we can ask Him through prayer to do what only He can do, believing that the outcome will be what He knows is the best.  Today I give you  thanks, Heavenly Father, for _____________, my friend who will not only pray for me, but with me.

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