Lesson 9 – Intro – November 8 – 15 JEHOVAH NISSI

           When is the last time that you went to a parade?  You know the kind with floats and bands, horses and a variety of other kinds of entertainers all marching down the street one after the other.  Most of the groups have a banner or some form of identification so that the spectators will immediately know who they represent.  They want to be identified with that place or  particular school or organization.  Even beyond the banner, certain groups have uniforms, hats or other personal clothing that indicate that they belong to a very specific group and that their loyalty is with those people.  What is sometimes forgotten in the “esprit de corps” is that wherever they go, the behavior and attitude of every person is a direct reflection on that group.  Carrying a standard includes both privilege and responsibility.

            The Israelites had already encountered a variety of challenges as they started on their journey through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land.  Each time ELOHIM had come and responded to their needs and given them new insight into His power, provisions and protection.  We don’t know whether they expected to meet up with an enemy that wanted to defeat them or not, but when the attack came, Moses knew what he would do.  He would go to the top of the hill and take the same rod that he had used in Egypt, at the crossing of the Red Sea, and to hit the rock in order to get water.  By holding it up, it would be totally clear that JEHOVAH was the one who would enable them to defeat the Amalekites.  It wouldn’t be Joshua’s clever strategy or the strength of the soldiers.  It would remind them that they were dependent solely on God’s mercy.  When victory came and it was time to reflect on what God had done for them, it is no surprise that Moses named that place “JEHOVAH IS MY BANNER”.  He is The One to whom I give my total loyalty and devotion. 

            Who gets the credit when you are successful?  What banner do you hold up as you march down the street of life?  When people think of you, do they have an accurate idea of The One who would like your total loyalty and devotion?

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