What are your thoughts? – Lesson 8 JEHOVAH RAPHA

        Do you find that it is not always easy to know just how to pray?  Conflicting voices say, “Pray for a miracle. Ask God for healing.  Ask Him to remove all the obstacles, discomfort, and problems”.  He is JEHOVAH-RAPHA!  At other times all you can do is ask God for His mercy and for His will to be done.  Is there a right or wrong way to pray?  King Hezekiah knew how to pray and experienced great answers to his prayers, didn’t he?  (II Kings 18 – 20)  His greatest desire was always that God would accomplish great things so that all kingdoms on earth would know that JEHOVAH, his ELOHIM, was truly the one true God.  That idea helps me to know how to pray – “JEHOVAH RAPHA, You have the power to heal miraculously, but do what will draw the people in my little world to recognize that you are God.  Help me to bow down in wonder and awe at Your great love and mercy.  You alone know what is best and I can trust You completely.”  What helps you know how to pray?


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